Tamara Bradshaw
Canada's First Builderall Certified Partner 

Let me help take your business to the highest peak!

My Specialties

My Story so far...

My name is Tamara (Bee) Bradshaw and I am a world traveller. I have been to 76 countries as a female solo traveller over the last 30 years...and hope to make it to 100!
If you love to travel join me on my epic overland trips on my travel podcast/vlog/blog and join my adventures! 

One of the reasons why I love working in the digital marketing space is that I (or you) can work anywhere- I just need my laptop.

Not to mention I love being my own boss lady! ;)

This hasn't always been the case though...I graduated in 2009 with a BSc Hon in Chinese medicine from 1 of the best private colleges in the world - The International College Of Chinese Medicine which is located in England. 

I then opened a practice in Goa, India treating locals as a non-profit practice, as well as treating ex-pats and tourists for 2 years which was so gratifying.

However, after my health took a big turn for the worse and almost died several times via septicemia (blood poisoning), I moved back to Canada (after being away for over 20 years-mostly based in Brighton UK.
After 7 surgeries on my hands, I had to find a new profession - which is when I turned to digital marketing in 2016.

I proceeded to learn as much as I could about digital and affiliate marketing by becoming a certified partner with Builderall and Internet Profits. I have built my own free affiliate marketing training course which you can join here if you like.

The rest as they say is history ;)

So if you are looking to have someone create a sweet website or sales funnel, editing an existing site, or adding your email sequence then I am your woman!

About My Time With Builderall

I joined Builderall shortly after it launched in North America in 2017, then became a certified partner in 2018 - 1st in Canada!

Erick Salgado the CEO ran the course back then and after 3 months working & learning from him for over 3 months, 5 days a week needless to say I learned alot not just about Builderall but digital marketing in general.

He is a top guy who really cares about every single member of BA and continuosly strives to make Builderall the best all in one marketing platform on the planet!

The Builderall community is also a great bunch of people always ready to help newbies. So I am so grateful for all I have learned (and still am) from Erick and my BA gang. :)

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Contact Information 


Based in Canada but also lived in the UK for over 20 years as I am a dual citizen.



My Services That Can Meets Your Needs

Website & Sales Funnel Builder

Website Design 

I will create a 1 page website or sales funnel to your specs, delivered within 5-7 days

(BONUS: I will also add legal pages to your wesbite: terms of service/disclaimer/cookie policy)

$197 us

I will create a 2-5 page website or sales funnel to your specs, delivered within 10-14 days

(BONUS: I will also add legal pages to your wesbite: terms of service/disclaimer/cookie policy)

$497 us

I will create a 6-10 page website (or membership site) to your specs, delivered within 14-30 days

(BONUS: I will also add legal pages to your website: terms of service/disclaimer/cookie policy)

$997 us

I will create a 10-20 page website (or membership site) to your specs, delivered within 30-40 days

(BONUS: I will also add legal pages to your website: terms of service/disclaimer/cookie policy)

$1,997 us

Editing & Email


$100 us/hour

If you need your original website edited than I can do that for you. You will make a copy of it then send it over to my Builderall account. I will then edit it with your new specs and then send your new website back to your Builderall account upon payment.

Adding an email list/sequence to your website

Send me your prewritten emails and copy of your website so I can attach it to your website email optin form. Then I will set up your email sequence to go out as you wish. Ex daily/weekly/monthly.

$100 us/hour

How I Roll...

I have found the preferred way of payment for both myself and clients is that 50% is paid up front (I will send you an invoice via Paypal) after you have sent me your requirements/info/specs. Once I have completed the job to your satisfaction the remaining balance is then paid, I will then transfer the completed site (or job) to your Builderall account so you have full control of it. 

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